Photography Studio Series: What’s It All About?

Each session we have a studio photography class here at Sawtooth.  Last session was The Art of Photographing the Human Form.  This session, we are currently running Vintage Glamour Photography.  Each of our studio series is a great way to get practice with lighting, posing, and the manual settings of your camera.  And because we use models, in each class you will leave with a portfolio of high-quality images, which is perfect if you are trying to build a professional portfolio.

Studio classes are 6 weeks long (2 1/2 hours each week) and usually include an intro session to decide on what poses we would like to replicate or create, 4 photo sessions with different models, and 1 critique session at the end to view and discuss our work.

Here is a sample of images from our current class, Vintage Glamour Photography.

If you have any questions about our studio classes, please feel free to contact me at

As always, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for your camera!



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